Beyond Cuisine: Chef Stories

Food Bridge is launching this storytelling series to create a platform where minority chefs can share their personal journey with food, how they believe food culture influences health, and how food can be used as medicine for body, mind and soul!  The health food movement has not always done a great job of including multicultural perspectives and many of the buzzwords that are becoming popular, like seasonal eating and food combining, are descendents of age-old concepts that have been passed down generation to generation. In the U.S. food traditions of the immigrant community have historically been threatened by a pressure to homogenize. Now we realize that our food system is in crisis and many Americans suffer from diet-related diseases. Can we create a platform where diverse voices can contribute to a discussion of not just WHAT we eat, but also HOW we eat? Together maybe we can start a food culture revolution that brings food justice to the table! 

Fundraiser Videos to Support Minority-Owned Businesses during COVID Economic Crisis

Learn Authentic Recipes to Try at Home ~ Join a Conversation ~ Build Community 

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