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Our mission is to bridge the gap between the rising demand for authentic, ethnic cuisine and the lack of minority-owned food businesses. Food Bridge believes in partnering with highly talented and motivated entrepreneurs who are already passionate chefs. They have everything it takes to run successful businesses doing what they love. In Denver's booming food scene, there are many opportunities, but there are also inherent challenges that affect low-income and non-native English speakers disproportionately. They just need a low-risk, low-capital investment period in which to get started. Our mission is to empower our partnering entrepreneurs by providing them the knowledge and experience to overcome these obstacles and build a successful foundation for their businesses. 



Food Bridge runs a catering accelerator that operates with 3 main goals: 1) mastery of business skills beyond the actual cooking, 2) gaining capital to invest in building their business through consistent sales with high profit margins and 3) establishing a customer base that will support them beyond the completion of the program. We serve as sales sales manager, business coach and advocate for our caterers by helping them find new customers, coordinate sales, process payment and develop marketing materials that communicate the quality of their food and share their story behind it. They have their own businesses registered upon starting the program so they can build capitol in their business. In addition, everything is co-branded from the beginning so they build brand recognition and a solid customer base. 


About the Founder

Marin Toscano has nurtured a lifelong passion for food that has become the foundation for her career. It all started during her childhood cooking with her Sicilian father and helping her Syrian mother in the garden. During her years in college, Marin lamented the simple sense of community created by eating dinner with loved ones. Disenchanted with American food culture, Marin found renewed inspiration during her study abroad program in Shanghai where she became known for her adventurous palette; trying iguana and sautéed larva, and enjoying exotic concoctions like seaweed and duck-blood tofu. Marin found that this openness also allowed her to connect with people from disparate backgrounds and cultures easily. She believes that what we eat is perhaps the simplest, yet most profound activity that links all human beings. Marin identifies as a food activist and food culture ambassador. For it is the community and culture woven around the food, not just the food itself, that keeps her passionate about what she does. 

Marin sees the potential for refugees and immigrants to become successful food business owners if they have an opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge and skills. She believes immigrant and refugee participation in the health and local food movements will be key to their success. Marin believes the mainstream culture in the US is hungry for real food connected to vibrant food cultures. and that everyone, regardless of income and education level, deserves to know how to eat healthy and be surrounded by a community and culture that supports this way of life. Progress can start simple. Food is one of the most profound bridges between culture; a simple meal can bring people from diverse backgrounds together and re-ignite a shared celebration of humanity.