Global Chef Catering Incubator

Drop-Off ~ Buffet ~ Lunchbox

Food Bridge partners with minority-owned catering owners in the beginning phases of their businesses. Food Bridge assists with marketing, coordinates the sale, confirms order details, and manages payment. This allows the chef to focus on doing what they love most: sharing their culture by cooking authentic food. The customer enjoys the convenience of having one point person and multiple choices for food around the world. We plan to welcome more chefs to our team in summer, but in the meantime enjoy authentic Ethiopian and Peruvian cuisine! 


Catering with Food Bridge is one of the best ways to support local entrepreneurs. The catering incubator program is designed to train chefs in the sales management skills necessary to succeed in their business, all the while gaining them a customer base and capital so they can build a business foundation. 

1st Quarter: Decide and design menu. Determine food costs and pricing structure. Get coaching on portioning and efficiency in the kitchen. 

2nd Quarter: Start to see the behind the scenes of sales management, including accommodating budgets, requests, and negotiations. 

3rd Quarter: Bookkeeping and Invoicing training, including managing client information, payment methods and sales tax. 


4th Quarter: Social Media and Marketing techniques to ensure they can carry their customer base with them after the program!